Book Plate Printing Instructions

The book plates are designed to print on Avery #5164 labels. If you choose to do a mail merge to create the name plates, please follow the instructions below.

If you need to print more labels and you’re out of the pre-printed ones, use this file. IMPORTANT: Print to “Actual size” or “Custom scale: 100%” to make sure they print correctly on the blank labels.

For use with an MS Access or Excel database of students’ names, teachers,
schools, etc.
1. Open up a new document in Microsoft Word 2010
2. Click on the Mailings tab at the top of the screen.
3. Choose Start Mail Merge
4. In the drop down menu choose Labels.
5. In the window that appears, select the type of printer you will be using; Avery US Letter for Label Vendor; 5164-Shipping for Product Number; and click on OK.
6. Click on Select Recipients (next to Start Mail Merge on the Mailings ribbon).
7. In the drop down menu select Use an Existing List.
8. Locate your database (it is best to save it somewhere on your computer, the program automatically looks in My Data Sources in the My Documents folder, so this might be a good place to put it) and double click on it.
9. If another window opens (which can happen with Access databases), choose the one you wish to use.
10.The database will then open. Select the table you want to use and click OK.
<<Next Record>> should appear on all of the labels except the first.
11. If you do not wish to print all names in your list, click on Edit Recipient List in the Mailings ribbon and uncheck any rows you do not wish to print.
12. Click on Insert Merge Field in the ribbon.
13. Choose First Name (or the equivalent field). Then click Insert Merge Field again and choose Last Name (or the equivalent field)
<<First Name>><<Last Name>> should appear on your first label
14. Move your cursor so it is between <<First Name>> and <<Last Name>>; hit
space once.
15. Click the Page Layout tab at the top of the screen. Under Spacing check that Before is set to 5.6 pt.  After should be set to 0.
16. Click the Home tab at the top of the screen.
17. Highlight both fields – change the font to “Comic Sans MS;” make the size 16, and center the fields.
18. Use the left arrow key to move your cursor to the front of the <<First Name>> field (to the left of the <<). Hit the space bar once, then the enter key five (5) times.
19. Return to the Mailings tab. Click on Update Labels. (You should see <<Next Record>> at the top of all the labels except the first and then <<First Name>> <Last Name>> centered and formatted should appear farther down on all of the labels.)
20. Click on Preview Results.
21. The first 6 names should appear, properly formatted.
— This is a good time to print a test page (Click File, then Print) This will print just the first page as a sample.
— If adjustments need to be made to name formatting or placement, click on Preview Results again to deselect it, and make any necessary adjustments to the data fields and formatting.
22. Ready to print all labels? Make sure your label sheets are properly loaded in the printer
23. Click on Finish and Merge on the Mailings ribbon.
24. Choose Print Documents in the drop-down menu.
25. Select all and hit OK.

Good luck!