2020 Timeline


Notify John Jorgensen of intent to participate in Wyoming Reads by October 15, 2020
  • Select Venue (and inclement weather alternatives)
  • Confirm date(s)
  • Designate a single point of contact for your county/district (if different from previous years, please notify John Jorgensen of the change)
  • Contact School Partners (consider private and home-schoolers, too)
  • Assemble list of schools, teachers, and students
  • Reserve buses for transporting students to-and-from venue
  • Wyoming State Library orders sample sets and arranges for delivery to participating schools


  • Receive set of six (6) sample books (by Dec 1)
  • Work with Schools to:
    • Finalize list of participating schools, teachers and students (by teacher)
    • Prepare book orders for submission
      • Teachers work with students to make each student’s book selection
      • Area Coordinator compiles all classes’ selections and submits to Wyoming Reads
      • Order forms may be downloaded from the website
  • Arrange lunches
  • Decide who will print the blank bookplates and distribution bag identification tags
  • Continue to identify financial support for local “extras” and “special aspects”
  • Check the website for newsletters and other advice
  • Begin identifying Civic Support (Commission, Town Councils, possible celebrity readers)
  • Contact local service clubs (Rotary, Kiwanis, etc.) regarding interest
  • Begin to identify financial support for local “extras” and “special aspects”
  • Check the website for newsletters and other advice


Email completed book order forms to Wyoming Reads at wyomingreads307@gmail.com no later than January 30, 2020


  • Identify Celebrity Readers; How many will be needed?
  • Arrange equipment to show “The Good Queen Sue” video
  • Library Cards – Print all materials and assemble packets going to each 1st grade teacher with card applications, letters, etc.  For planning purposes, it takes about 8 Boy Scouts working together for 4 hours to assemble 850 packets.
  • Check the website for newsletters and other advice


  • Develop other items to put in book bags (e.g., local tickets, gift certificates, summer reading program information)
  • Check the website for newsletters and other advice
  • Develop draft press releases (see samples) to send to media agencies in your county
  • Library Cards – Distribute packets to teachers; teachers send application envelopes home with students; envelopes are returned to the teacher who then forwards to the public librarian. See: Library Card Sample Milestones for more details


  • Send invitations/reminders to celebrity readers
  • Identify group guides (typically 3 groups, with 2 guides per group)
  • Library Cards – Librarians prepare library cards and place in packets that will be added to book bags on “stuffing day”
  • Late April – “Bag Stuffing Day” – bookplates are added to books and all materials placed in bags; bags have student’s name, teacher and school on a label; completed bags for each classroom are kept together in a box
  • Double-check arrangements for buses, street closures (as appropriate)


The 2020 Wyoming Reads Celebration will be held May 12, 2019
  • Release press releases 1-2 weeks in advance
  • Double-check all aspects of the event; make last-minute corrections/changes
  • On the big day
    • Set up session areas (video, lunch, reading areas, for example)
    • Organize balloons, greeters, orientation for guests (if applicable)
    • Double-check everything: Have books arrived?  Have lunches arrived?
      • Students write “thank you” notes (as appropriate)

Late May-June 

  • Send “thank you” notes to all participants and supporters
  • Please send copies of local news articles and photos to John Jorgensen
  • Develop “lessons learned” and forward copies to John