2023 Timeline


Share video of the 10 selected books with your students so that they may select the book they’d like to receive in May.


Email completed book order forms to Wyoming Reads at wyomingreads307@gmail.com no later than Friday, December 16, 2022.


  • Identify Celebrity Readers; How many will be needed?
  • Arrange equipment to show “The Good Queen Sue” video
  • Library Cards – Print all materials and assemble packets going to each 1st grade teacher with card applications, letters, etc.  For planning purposes, it takes about 8 Boy Scouts working together for 4 hours to assemble 850 packets.
  • Check the website for newsletters and other advice


  • Develop other items to put in book bags (e.g., local tickets, gift certificates, summer reading program information)
  • Check the website for newsletters and other advice
  • Develop draft press releases (see samples) to send to media agencies in your county
  • Library Cards – Distribute packets to teachers; teachers send application envelopes home with students; envelopes are returned to the teacher who then forwards to the public librarian. See: Library Card Sample Milestones for more details


  • Send invitations/reminders to celebrity readers
  • Identify group guides (typically 3 groups, with 2 guides per group)
  • Library Cards – Librarians prepare library cards and place in packets that will be added to book bags on “stuffing day”
  • Late April – “Bag Stuffing Day” – bookplates are added to books and all materials placed in bags; bags have student’s name, teacher and school on a label; completed bags for each classroom are kept together in a box
  • Double-check arrangements for buses, street closures (as appropriate)


The 2023 Wyoming Reads Celebration will be held on Tuesday, May 16, 2023
  • Release press releases 1-2 weeks in advance
  • Double-check all aspects of the event; make last-minute corrections/changes
  • On the big day
    • Set up session areas (video, lunch, reading areas, for example)
    • Organize balloons, greeters, orientation for guests (if applicable)
    • Double-check everything: Have books arrived?  Have lunches arrived?
      • Students write “thank you” notes (as appropriate)

Late May-June 

  • Send “thank you” notes to all participants and supporters
  • Please send copies of local news articles and photos to John Jorgensen
  • Develop “lessons learned” and forward copies to John